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Promo Guidelines

Thanks for agreeing to promote us!

We have a few guidelines we ask you to follow when creating related promotional materials:

  1. Be enchanting! Try to be positive and upbeat when working with our crystals.
  2. When promoting individual crystals or minerals, always shoot in a well lit area and keep the focus on the crystals.
  3. Whenever possible include our logo or subscription box design in the shot or scene.
  4. If using social media, use @enchantedcrystal (Instagram) or @enchantdcrystal (Twitter) in the description, caption, or comments and tag us in photo itself if using instagram.
  5. If promoting our subscription box use #enchantedcrystalbox in your hashtags.
  6. Please only post during prime time social media hours. These can include Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 5:30-7pm Pacific Time
  7. You must post from your main social media account! No smaller or side accounts.
  8. You must not delete post unless you intend to repost it again.
  9. Please post within 14 days of receiving the package


If you show yourself in the photo or video, feel free to dress enchanted. This is up to you but an example could be a wizard, shaman, or faerie of some sort! Please have fun with it! We want your personality and genuine joy to shine through so be yourself! We only ask one post of you but feel free to post more if you're inspired to do so.

Promo Materials