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Below you will find actual boxes and crystals included in past months.

NOTE: Due to the nature of crystals and availability, selections will often vary from box to box.

February Box Examples

February Standard Box

Amethyst Cluster, Tibetan Quartz, Apophyllite, Fluorite Octahedron, Aragonite...
+ Extra Mini Crystals

February Premium Box

Madagascar Quartz Cluster, Spirit Quartz, Pyrite Cube in Matrix, Brazilian Clear Quartz...
+ Extra Mini Crystals

March Box Examples

March Standard Box

Singing Laser Quartz, Desert Rose, Spirit Quartz, Standing Polished Quartz, Peacock Ore...
+ Extra Mini Crystals

March Premium Box

Golden Icelandic Spar, Chalcedony Rosette, Chevron Amethyst, Orange Quartz, Quartz + Calcite Geode...
+ Extra Mini Crystals

April Box Examples

April Standard Box

Red Hematite Inclusion Quartz, Lepidolite Mica, Optic Calcite, Ammonite...
+ Extra Mini Crystals

April Premium Box

Australian Smokey Elestial, Lemurian Seed Quartz, Candle Quartz, Selenite...
+ Extra Mini Crystals

More months coming soon!

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